Carrot Slice Baklava with Pistachio – 2kg tray

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Carrot Slice Baklava with Pistachio – 2kg tray

Unique carrot-shaped baklava with rich pistachio filling.

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Carrot Slice Baklava With Pistachio is a unique and delightful twist on traditional baklava. This exquisite dessert features thinly rolled layers of phyllo pastry, shaped to resemble delicate carrot slices. Each layer is generously filled with finely ground pistachios, offering a rich and nutty flavor that perfectly complements the sweetness of the syrup. The baklava is sweetened with a special blend of syrup, which infuses each bite with a harmonious balance of sweetness and subtle citrus notes. The carrot slice design not only adds a charming visual appeal but also provides a delightful texture contrast. Perfect for those who appreciate the classic taste of baklava with an innovative and artistic touch.

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